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Immigration Procedures Carried out by Cubans Residing in the Territory

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In any of the applications presented here, in the case of citizens under 18 years old or incapable, the physical presence of one of the parents or legal guardians must be taken into account.

If the above condition is not met, for the following reasons:

  • Deceased parents
  • Parents out of the country.
  • Parents serving a sanction.

The minor will be accompanied by a person over 18 years old, presenting:

  • An authorization so that the minor of 18 years old or incapable can travel, carried out by both parents or legal tutors before a public  notary of the Ministry of Justice or before the Cuban official of the Cuban consular representation.
  • Marriage certificate, in the case of an emancipated minor.
  • Death Certificate in the case of deceased parents or legal guardians.
  • Final judgment of the court when one or both parents have been deprived of the exercise of parental authority over the minor or are declared presumed dead or absent.
  • Updating the current passport
  • Issuance of certifications
  • Issuance and renewal of current passport
  • Extension of stay abroad
  • Extension of the validity of the current passport


  • Prórroga de la validez del pasaporte corriente +

    Descripción del trámite: Acción de extender la validez del documento. Requisitos: Presencia física del titular. Carné de Identidad o Tarjeta de Menor según corresponda. Pasaporte del titular. El pago del impuesto en sellos de timbre conforme a lo establecido por el Ministerio de Finanzas y Precios. Autorización formalizada ante notario público de los padres o los representantes legales que corresponda, de los menores de 18 años o incapaces. Base  legal que lo respalda:Edición actualizada de la Ley 1312/76 y su Reglamento.Ley No. 113/2012  del Sistema Tributario del Ministerio de Finanzas y Precios Costo: 20.00 CUC en sellos del timbreTiempo de Leer más
  • Issuance of Certifications +

    Description of the procedure: Document requested by Cuban citizens as an evidence for administrative authorities, oradministrative,consular, labor and court proceedings in the national territory, as well as before other similar authorities abroad. Types of certifications: Certifications of Identity, Address, Migratory Movement of entries and exits to the country, Migratory Condition or Migratory Status, Foreigner, Citizenship and Time of service MININT. Requirements: Physical presence of the applicant. Identity document. Probative documents that support the application. Supporting legal basis: Constitution of the Republic. Law No. 113/2012 of  Tax System of the Ministry of Finance and Prices. Cost: 15.00 and 20.00 CUP on Leer más
  • Updating Your Current Passport +

    Procedure description: Action taken against Cuban citizens who are minors or incapable persons residing in the National Territory, titulars. of current passports issued before applying  Decree-Law No. 302 (Temporary Provision DL 302), which remain in force. Requirements: Physical presence of the titular. Identity Card or Minor Card as appropriate. Titular passport. Authorization formalized before a public notary  of the corresponding parents or legal representatives, of minors under 18 years old or incapable persons. Legal basis that supports it: Updated edition of Law 1312/76 and its Regulations. Law No. 113/2012 of the Tax System of the Ministry of Finance and Prices Leer más
  • Issuance and Renewal of Current Passport +

    Description of Procedure: Act by which a passport is issued, as the case may be, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of the Interior, to take effect only with respect to the admission and stay of the holder abroad and in Cuba as a Cuban citizen. Requirements: Physical presence of the holder. Identity Card or Minor Card as appropriate. Payment of the tax on stamps in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Finance and Prices. Authorization formalized before a public notary of the parents or the corresponding legal representatives, of minors under 18 years m Leer más
  • Extension of Staying Abroad +

    Description of the procedure: It is the extension of the permanence abroad for periods of more than 24 months, to Cuban citizens residing in the national territory who are in any of the following cases: Impossibility to travel for humanitarian reasons or duly demonstrated health problems. Reasons of a labor, student, personal, or family nature that limit the interested party temporarily to return to the country and justify their authorization. Requirements: If the application is submitted in the national territory: Updated identity card of the person who serves as reference in Cuba. Letter of application. Document proving the exceptional nature Leer más
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