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Inheritance and Acts of Last Will

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Dependency of the Ministry of Justice, whose social function is to register the Testamentary Parties and Declaratory Acts of Heirs that are granted in any of the notaries' offices in the country, as well as any modification or annulment of these notarial instruments by Judicial Resolution. This inscription is made ex officio by the Registry, that is to say, the natural persons will not have to do any management.
It also certifies the existence or absence of wills or declaration of heirs, for this application Any person may make the request.
If the intention is to update a Declaration of Heirs Act, it will be necessary to present the act in question and $10.00 in stamps, which can be 1 stamp of $10.00 or 2 of $5.00.
The Act of Declaration of Heirs that contains in its margin expression of the volume and folio will be valid for a term of one year from its date of authorization.
Certifications issued are valid for 6 months, after which period, if necessary, they must be applied for again. The explanation lies in the fact that any of the notarial instruments may be modified or annulled judicially.
In order to process your application, you must go to the Provincial Directorate of Justice located at Calle Máximo Gómez No 23 e/ Ormani Arenado y Ge Gerardo Medina. Pinar del Río or to the nearest law firm.
You can also apply online, through the website of the Ministry of Justice. To do so, click on the following link: Inheritance and Acts of Last Will


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