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Inaugurated in January 2007, the medical institution welcomes patients from the 11 municipalities, who can access four surgical specialties, including refractive surgery, while offering consultations for cataract, cornea, retina, glaucoma, contact lenses, among others.

The lower back ophthalmologic center is equipped with a modern technology and its operation allows to individualize the attention by services, with a better quality of the assistance.

Among the novel means of diagnosis and treatment, there is a refraction unit with a slit lamp -the first of its kind mounted in Cuba-, in which the eyeglass test is performed and the ocular pressure is taken, without having to dilate the pupil.

Specialists trained at the Ramón Pando Ferrer Institute of Ophthalmology in the Cuban capital, the center to which the returnees had recourse to receive treatment, before the inauguration of the Pinar del Río center.

The procedures here began after an investigation of the entire population older than five years, a study that lasted four months and in which 300 doctors intervened, in preparation as ophthalmologists, who visited more than 600,000 people.

The adequate follow-up of each case and the optimal performance of the staff, signify the work of this health group, which strives to provide a service of excellence.

Services and Schedules

The center will provide oculoplasty services (surgery and prosthesis for alterations around the eyes), cataract, retina, refraction, glaucoma, cornea consultations, as well as minor, refractory and eyelid surgery, for which it has modern diagnostic means, including double frequency laser, tomograph and keratometer (to measure corneal curvature).

Telephones by area

Reception Ophthalmologic Center 48768473

Operations Room 48768470

Chief of Service 48768476

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