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Description of the procedure: The holder of a Foreign National License may convert to a National Driving License, provided that they belong to the countries that correspond to the Agreement of Vienna, after the term of 6 months staying in our country. The holder must be at least 18 years old.

Documents to present: You will request to the Consulate through the authenticity certificate, the clarification of the vehicle authorized to drive in your country, the category stated in the document, Identity Card and Passport, Stamp of 30 pesos, two photos without hat or cap, if you used glasses, you will have to be portrayed with the same ones. Present a photocopy of your driver's license.

Note: The Foreign Driver's License, whose text is in a language other than Spanish, must be translated into Spanish in order to carry out the conversion.

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Description of the procedure:

Article 290/ Road Safety Code states that - The incumbent drivers, sanctioned to cancellation of the driver's license, are required to expire and pass a course of driver education and driving duly certified by the authorized institution, as a prerequisite to opt for a new license, after the time of cancellation.

Article 291 /Road Safety Code states that -Owned drivers may reduce a portion of the points accumulated by traffic notifications or the period of administrative penalty of suspension of the driver's license if they voluntarily opt for theoretical and practical reexaminations.

Article 292.-The Minister of the Interior may reduce the sanctioning framework of the sanction of the Administrative suspension of the driving license, to the drivers who in the thirty days subsequent to having incurred in some of the causes foreseen in Article 288, voluntarily present themselves to the corresponding Driving License body to comply with the sanction. They may also opt to undergo a theoretical and practical re-examination as an alternative measure to complying with the administrative sanction of suspension of the driving license.

Article 293.- The application of the measures set forth in articles 291 and 292 to drivers who:

1- They are detected driving under the effects of alcohol; drugs, hallucinogenic substances, hypnotics, narcotics or medicines with similar effects. Of any kind and under any circumstances; and
2- They have not paid the fine within the established term.

Approximate duration:

Once the theoretical examination has been passed: The Learning Permission will be given to the applicant at the time.


These theoretical and practical exams are carried out in the units of Municipal Proccedings of Pinar -1 and 2, being communicated immediately to the driver the results obtained.
In the practical exam: The applicant must present the learning permission to the specialist by whom it will be evaluated in the practical exam, carrying out an exam where the parameters established in the Road Safety Code will be evaluated.

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Description of the procedure: The holder of a special military driver's license who has completed Active Military Service may convert it into a national driver's license.

Requirements: In order to obtain a special military license, only 17 years old is required.

Documents to present: Identity Card, Stamps of 30 pesos, Two photos without a hat or cap, if you wear glasses, must be portrayed with them, Special Military Driving License, Certification of the Military Unit Chief or higher hierarchical level, which endorses the period of completion of Military Service.

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