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To ensure the functioning of the Body, the fulfillment of its mission and functions is created provisionally an administrative entity composed of:

Program and Objective Coordinators

• Mariano Cruz Ledesma. Construction and Investment Programs.
• José Luis Salas Rosete. Economy Programs
• Omar Machín Lemus. Agrifood Programs.
• Jesús Valdés Miranda. Communications, Transportation and Energy Program.
• Amaury J. Padrón Ferrer. Culture, Sports and Science Programs.
• Gilberto Rodríguez Ortega. Defense programs


• Head of Secretariat: Osvaldo Quiñonez González

(with three working groups with the following responsible)

• Leonorlina Plasencia Hernández: Internal Functioning, Legal Advice and Archive
• Iraida Hernández Machín: Links with the Deputies, the AMPP, and the ANPP Auxiliary Office
• Luis A. Marimón Rodríguez: Population Assistance System

Direction of Cadre

• Elena Echevarría Morejón. Table Director
• Dianelvis Pérez Rodríguez. Deputy Director of Panel

Internal Dependency

• Juan Carlos Rodríguez Montano. director
• Odalys Moreno Carpio Economic Deputy Director
• Carlos Rodríguez Page Deputy Director of Insurance
• Roilán Hernández Junco deputy director of Transportation
• Raquel Moreira González Head of the Human Resources Department
• Katiuska Díaz Camejo, head of the Internal Service Department
• Rosa A. Gonzáles Martínez, head of the Piquera Department

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