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The CIMEX S.A Corporation, is a mercantile society with more than 40 years of created, that imports, exports, produces and markets goods and services, oriented to satisfy the growing needs of the clients and guarantee contributions to the economy of the country, with advanced technological supports, high credibility and a renewed quality. CIMEX offers the following online services in virtual stores:

Localizador de productos en tiendas de la Cadena Panamericana

Product locator of the Pan American Chain. You search and we tell you Where there is! It runs on devices with Android 4.4 or higher and requires to be connected to a NETWORK with Internet access, so its use will be possible through the Public Access Sites of Etecsa, Nauta Hogar, and through the Nauta APN by Mobile Data.

The data is obtained directly from the establishments of the Pan American Store Chain, which in its automatic loading process will have an update period of between 1 and 2 days in arrears. The prices are the official prices of the Pan American Store Chain.



Tienda virtual Tuenvio Online store to make online purchases TuEnvío. It allows you to make purchases for yourself or a third party called beneficiary, using the Transfermóvil  application and your Online Payment option with QR code as a payment method.

In order to make purchases, the first thing to do is register, once only. From now on, the customer selects according to the type of products and putting it on a shopping list (commonly known as a cart). At the end of the purchases, the payment is made where all the selected products are listed and the total amount to be paid. From this action, a sequence of steps continues in which the beneficiary's data is defined, which can be the same as the purchase or another person.

If you have an amount from 20 CUC, you can request transportation service with an additional cost. Finally, the payment order is sent and if you are browsing from the cell phone, you can enable the online payment option by Transfermóvil with the data inserted, or if it is on a PC a QR code appears which is scanned with this application Payments. In both cases the information is completed with the Telebanca PIN and the card to be paid is selected. The payment is executed and in a few seconds the operation is completed receiving the notification.


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