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The educational system in the Pinar del Río province has 93105 students who attend all subsystems, Pre-school, Primary, Special, Secondary, Pre-university, Technical and Professional and Adult Education.

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Over the past six years, total enrolment has maintained a downward trend as a result of the same birth rate, which has repercussions on the transit of the population at school ages. The educational system with the greatest decreases have been Primary and Secondary Schools, constituting the first in the transit of the population and the diurnal courses of Technical and Vocational Education due to adjustments in the income structure.

The province has 11 municipalities, and nine of them  have areas classified as Turquino Plan where there is an enrolment of 8726 students in all educational systems, which represents 9.4% of the total for the province. In this area there are 105 centers (96 pure and 9 mixed) which are attended by 1419 teachers in front of the classroom for a ratio of one teacher for every 6.14 students. Educational efficiency indicators in these areas show stability and in most cases behave above the provincial average.

There are 24111 workers, of whom 12571 are Educators, Teachers and Professors for a ratio of one teacher for every 7.4 students and one for every 46.9 inhabitants of the province. The  total number of teachers is, 76.65% are female and 11923 are in front of the classroom for a direct pupil/teacher ratio of 7.8.

100% of the teaching labor force is qualified, 86.1% of the teachers in front of the classroom have university level. It is important for our province the level of qualification reached by our teachers, the same is the guarantee of the quality of the teaching-learning process, as well as the integral formation of our students.




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