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Identity Card

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Application for Identity Card

The application for an identity document can be made from any Proceeding  Office in the country, regardless of the place of residence, except for changes of domicile, which must be formalised at Proceeding Offices in the province where the house  is located.

The identity document may be requested for the following reasons:



    Reaching 16 years old

    Change of address

    Error correction

    Legal change

    Demobilized FAR

    Prison release

    Entrance to the country

Deterioration: When the identity document due to its physical state does not allow to identify the holder.

Loss: when the holder's identity document is lost or stolen and cannot be presented for requested proceedings

Correction of error: it is any modification, suppression or addition in the holder general data,  as long as they do not constitute substantial changes in the person identity, for example names and surnames and the year of birth. Changes or modifications in the names of the holder's parents, in the volume and folio, in the place of birth, those associated with the Civil Status Register are also considered a correction of error.

Legal change: the modifications, suppressions or additions in the general of the citizen and year of birth that generate a substantial change in the identity of the person, these modifications are carried out by the court and in the certificate of birth issued by the Civil Registry the number of resolution or sentence by which the modifications were carried out must be recorded in the observations.

Change of address: it is the updating of the register of addresses from the request of the citizen and with the consent of the owner of the property where he intends to be domiciled. Changes of address may be requested in a Temporary or Permanent manner.

Temporary: it can be requested from 1 month to 1 year and can be extended as many times as the parties wish.

Permanent: for an indefinite period of time, until the owner makes a new movement in the address register.

General documents to be presented for any type of change of address:

For both types of changes of address it is obligatory: (when the stay is included from 30 days and for an indefinite time.)

Physical presence of the citizen who is going to make the change of address, except for children under 12 years old and the mentally disabled who are represented by their parents or legal guardian.

Physical presence of the owner(s) of the property with their identity documents, except those owners who are minors and are represented in this act by their parents or legal guardian.

In the act of request of the document of identity the presence of the holder is obligatory, except those cases that by very important force are impossible to attend. This particular must be evaluated by the Head of Office for differentiated treatment.

Physical presence of the owner(s) of the property with their identity documents, title of ownership of the dwelling, except those owners who are minors and are represented in this act by their parents or legal guardian.

For the photo of the identity document, people dressed in military uniforms will not be accepted, nor security and protection agencies, likewise are not allowed in the costumes, t-shirts (men) and tops (women).

In cases of Mentally Handicapped the application will be made by a parent or legal guardian.

The tax for all types of applications for the new format of the identity document is 25.00 pesos (CUP), which includes photo service.


The term of delivery of the identity document established 15 working days.

Requirements for the procedures of the Identity Card:

  • Identity document subject to change, except for procedures for loss.
  • Birth certificate for the procedures of Correction of error and Legal change.
  • Prison Exit Model for the procedure Prison Exit.
  • Model of Licensing of the FAR for the procedure of Exit FAR.
  • For the procedure for arrival at 16 years old, if the minor's card was not updated at 12 years old, the mother, father or legal guardian of the young person must be presented at the time of  requesting  the identity document.
  • Stamp with a value of 25 pesos national currency for all types of applications.
  • Requirements for identity procedures whose holder has been declared legally incapacitated:
  • Disability Order issued by the court that accredits the mental incapacity of the citizen.
  • Document object of the change, except for the procedure for loss.
  • Birth certificate for the process of Correction of Error or Legal Change.
  • The physical presence of your legal guardian.
  • Legal basis that supports the proceedings.
  • Decree - Law No. 248/2007 on the System of Identification and Registration of Voters.
  • Resolution No. 6, Regulation of Decree/Law 248 on the Identification System and Voter Registration.
  • Decree 141 of 24/3/1988, in its article 5, defines the contraventional Regime of the Identity Card System.
  • Decree No.217/97, of the Council of Ministers for the regulation of migration to the capital of the country.
  • Decree No.293/2011 modifying one of the sections of Law Decree 217/97 of the Council of Ministers.
  • Decree-Law No.32 of the Council of State
  • Decree No.305 of the Council of Ministers
  • Resolution No.343 of the Ministry of Finance and Prices
  • Resolution No. 43 Ministry of the Interior
  • Decree No.26 of the Council of Ministers

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