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Cuban and foreigner citizens who are permanent residents in Cuba over 17 years old and who meet the requirements established by law, resolutions 41- 42 /2013 (regulating the approved activities and their scope) and 33/ 2014 (regulating activities related to the renting of housing, premises and spaces), the three approved by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, may carry out self-employment.

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The letter of request for the release of the agency, with the corresponding foundation and the letter of acceptance of the body to which it is proposed to transfer the graduate is presented to the Provincial Labor Office.

In the case of the Graduates of Technician of Upper Middle Level who are assigned to the organisms of the Central Administration of the State or their entities of national subordination, only the provincial Delegate of the organism can be issued the letter of release, for those who have that structure, or the Director of the Company when not.

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