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Search for trademark interference: this is carried out with the aim of not violating rights already granted to third parties. It is necessary to show the mark to be registered in digital format and an explanation of its meaning and use. It includes the classification of the marks, analysis of the search result and the possibilities of registration. The value of the service $ 240.15 MN. The personalized attention for the service in the CIGET takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00 am - 5:30 pm.

Registration of works by Copyright: the user is represented for the registration of works at the National Copyright Center. It is required to provide the work in a CD or printed format and interview with the specialist. The value of the service is $110.87 MN.

Llenado de formularios: para las solicitudes en cualquier modalidad de la Propiedad Industrial constituye requisito indispensable para el registro en la Oficina Cubana (OCPI) el llenado de los formularios oficiales a través del uso del clasificador de patentes. El valor del servicio es $ 13.50 MN cada formulario.

Completion of forms: for applications in any form of Industrial Property is an essential requirement for registration in the Cuban Office (OCPI) the completion of official forms through the use of the patent classifier. The value of the service is $ 13.50 MN each form.

Avances Magazine: digital scientific journal that publishes original research results of development and / or application, in the topics of Local Development Management: Agroforestry Management, Environmental Management, Social Management, Cooperativism, Business Management, Knowledge Management and Innovation. Contributions from the magazine's instructions can be sent to the editor on the site This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or upload to the management platform itself on your viewing site

Search for specialized information: aimed at any natural person who needs to search for scientific-technological information, from databases and websites. It can be accessed online or directly at the CIGET from Monday to Thursday, from 8:30 - 5:30 pm. The value is $10.00 per hour.

Self-employed Informational: digital bulletin that divulges good practices for the execution of activities of own account, as well as orientations and recommendations of the governing organisms of the activity. Your access can be online or received directly to your email.

Advice on Scientific Article Writing: in order to improve professional performance in the development of scientific articles, the writing of manuscripts is reviewed on the basis of good practices in scientific writing also taking into account the instructions for authors or editorial standards of the journal selected by the author. It is received directly to your email, the value of the service is $ 30.00 MN.

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