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Hydraulic Resources Services

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Supply of drinking water by pumping from sources of supply, as well as its distribution and delivery to each of the customers in the 11 municipalities served by the company. At the same time, the entity is in charge of the maintenance and repair of the networks that make up the aqueduct system, in addition to guaranteeing the parameters of water quality for human consumption and other uses.


Evacuation and collection of water and waste, through the sewage systems and carts clean pits, as well as the operation and maintenance of such networks and treatment and final disposal of waste water, in the various receiving bodies.

Authorization of Supply Sources

Due to the number of factors influencing the water supply solution for new investments within the water resource system, the steps to be taken and the responsibilities in each of them are regulated.

Other Services

  • Advice on the correct operation, maintenance and repair of systems and technical infrastructures and treatment facilities.
  • Drainage of ditches, streams and gullies.
  • Services to entities and the population consisting of:

-Study and suppression of water leaks.

-Unblocking and cleaning of aqueduct and sewerage systems and rainwater drainage.

-Cleaning of tanks, septic tanks and other liquid waste treatment systems.

-Maintenance of oxidation lagoons.

-Assembly, maintenance and repair of technical networks, pumping equipment, measuring equipment and treatment process equipment.

-Water roughness by means of tank carts.

-Installations for aqueduct, sewerage and fluvial drainage.

-Advice, consultancy and technical assistance for the purchase of hydraulic equipment, pipelines and technologies for this activity.

-Technical services related to the aqueduct and sewerage activity.

For the different services that are offered to the population please contact the office of attention to the population of the municipality that resides to obtain more information, in case of being a complaint you will be attended and will be noted in a list and later you will be given an answer to the problem, the most common services for the population are:

  • Water supply through pipes and hydraulic networks.
  • Pit cleaning.
  • Unblocking of pipes.
  • Installation of connections.

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