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Necrology Services

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Funeral Home Services


Cost: Free service.

Where: Domicile and chapel

Procedure performed: Service sheet.

Who applies for the Service: Relatives.

Other aspects of interest: That the population be informed that until the hospital admission does not call, the service cannot be provided.


(Glasses, thermoses, cups, a pound of coffee and cold water).

Cost: Coffee (according to the price of the norms).

Where: Domicile and chapel

Procedure to be followed: Voucher for coffee.

Who applies for the Service: Relatives.

Preparation of corpse:

Cost: Free.

Where: Preparation room at the funeral home.

Procedure that is carried out: own right.

Who requests the Service: It is within the work content.

Municipal Transfers:

Cost: Free.

Procedure carried out: Service sheet.

Who requests the Service: Relatives.

Interprovincial transfer:

Cost: At $1.50 per Km traveled.

Procedure carried out: Contract.

Who applies for the Service: Relatives.

Services to foreign personnel:

Cost: Depends on the service provided and the country of origin.

Where: Asistur, funeral home.

Procedure carried out: Contract.

Who requests the Service: Country, organization or relatives.

Other aspects of interest: International Medical Assistance is responsible for communication with Asistur and this in turn is responsible for making the coordination with the necrology services.


The services of burials, exhumations, ossuary contract, transfer of remains, conservation chamber are provided free of charge, all in the cemetery, for this a contract is made in which the relatives are responsible for carrying out the procedure.

Contact details of the municipal offices of Comunales:

Pinar del Río

Minas de Matahambre


La Palma

Los Palacios

Consolación del Sur




San Juan y Martínez

San Luis


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