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Vehicle Registration

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The following documents must be presented for the procedures that are carried out at the Vehicle Registry:

Natural People: Vehicle in good technical condition and clean, identity card, circulation of the vehicle, if there is special power of attorney or its power of attorney, the attorney with all required documents.
Legal People: all documents of the vehicle to be processed, representative credential, vehicle circulation and good technical condition and clean.

Procedures that are carried out:

1. Transfer: $ 60.00 MN All the notary documents must be presented, plus the payment of the bank.

2. Changing entity name: $ 5.00 MN. For legal entities, resolutions issued by the higher entity.

3. Changing color: $ 10.00 MN. The vehicle properly painted and without excessive attachments (flags, signs or other visible objects).

Engine or body engraving: $ 20.00 MN. In legal entities when it is for sheet metal, a document issued by the institution that carried out the work, signed by the directors of the same, in case it is acquired without numbering, the invoice must specify that it does not have a number. In the particular sector, the engine or bodywork number will be engraved to which the inspectors and chiefs approve its recording.

5. Changing fuel: $ 20.00 MN. This is made when the vehicles make changing of engine and fuel in the state and particular sector, files are made in transport, presented the document of the FICAV.

6. Changing model: $ 20.00 MN. This procedure is when the vehicles continue with the same brand, the corresponding factors must be presented for both sectors.

7. Changing brand: $ 20.00 MN. In the legal sector the corresponding invoices will be presented.

8. Changing body: $ 20.00 MN. In the legal sector the corresponding invoices and company documents will be presented.

9. Changing class/type: $ 10.00 MN. For both sectors documents issued by transport.

10. Changing tonnage: $ 20.00 MN. For both sectors documents issued by transport.

11. Initial Registration: $ 40.00 MN. Both sectors will be made presenting official documents (purchase invoice).

12. Changing license: $ 40.00 MN. This is done when changes are made to any vehicle data.

13. Changing plate: $ 40.00 MN. It is done when required for both sectors.

14. Duplicating circulation license: $ 80.00 MN. It will be carried out for both sectors by loss or deterioration of the same one.

15. Duplicating plate: $ 80.00 MN. It will be carried out for both sectors by loss or deterioration of the same one.

16. Changing engine: $ 10.00 MN. It will be made to both sectors presenting documents issued by transport or invoices when it is the same brand and fuel. The FICAV document will be required for both sectors.

17. Re-registration: $ 10.00 MN. For both sectors

18. Re inspection: $ 5.00 MN. For both sectors.

19. Certification: $ 5.00 MN. Officials will be asked to personally present the required documentation for both sectors.

20. Changing sticker: $ 5.00 MN. It is done to both sectors when it is expired or deteriorated.

21. Unloading the vehicle: $ 5.00 MN. This will be carried out for the state sector presenting all the documents approved by the superior organism of the entity. For natural people by insurance or voluntarily.

22. Changing engine (revolving fund): is made by Decree 320/ 2013 between individuals.

Taxes in stamps for procedures in the Vehicle Registry for both sectors.
Tax formalities (MN)
Duplicate driver's license $ 80.00
Duplicate of plate $ 80.00
Transfer $ 60.00
Initial Registration $ 40.00
Change of license $ 40.00
Change of plate $ 40.00
Engine or body engraving $ 20.00
Change of fuel $ 20.00
Change of model $ 20.00
Change of brand $ 20.00
Change of body $ 20.00
Change of tonnage $ 20.00
Change of color $ 10.00
Change of class / type $ 10.00
Engine change $ 10.00
Re-registration $ 10.00
Change of entity name $ 5.00
Re-inspection $ 5.00
Certiication $ 5.00
Change of sticker $ 5.00
Lowering the vehicle $ 5.00

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