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Clients may report a property damage complaint within three (3) working days of the event occurrence in the following ways:

By telephone to the number provided for service complaints in each territory.
By personal or telephone in the Commercial Offices or in the Municipal UEB

To submit a claim by the interested customer and accept it by the Electric Company, the building, premises, or place where damage occurs to the equipment whose replacement is claimed, must have basic electrical installations provided:

Neutral conductor in all the installations of the building.
Thermomagnetic switch (breaker) or fuses in the main protection.
Properly installed outlets, with no signs of false contact.
Conductors (cables) of adequate caliber with their splices correctly made and insulated.

If at the time of the damage the non-existence of the indicated protection equipment is established, the Electric Company will not proceed to replace the equipment or repair the damage.

Causes are considered for a claim for damage to property to be accepted for processing and evaluation, those attributable to the activity of the Electric Company and that come exclusively from:

Affectations of the electrical service reported to the Electricity Company.
Affectations of the electrical service due to opening and closing manipulations.
The circuit without mediate between them a time greater than three minutes.
Faulty disconnection or connection (false contact) of the "neutral" of the network.
Wear or lack of maintenance of the materials and equipment of the installations.
Of distribution.

The Company will not accept claims for the following reasons:

When the damage was caused by force majeure, fortuitous event or unauthorized manipulation of third parties to the electrical installations of the Company.
For damages caused by deficiencies in the internal installations of the client's property.
For any device used by the client directly or indirectly to commit fraud, according to Decree 260, and that the actions to commit such fraud constitute the cause of equipment damage.
When refrigerators whose machines have been repaired by private individuals are damaged and do not have any guarantee in state repair shops.
For damage caused by appreciable voltage variations caused by third parties or by the customer himself when operating welding machines in his home or in a nearby installation.
For damages caused by atmospheric discharges, natural disasters, catastrophes, accidents or other causes outside the normal activity of the Electric Company that affect the electrical networks.
Housing or services on clotheslines.

For further information you can consult the document: UC-CC 0009 Attention to damage to property.

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In the Commercial Offices of the UEBT several services are offered to customers in the residential sector, among which we can mention: Additions, Removals, Transfers, Name Changes, EEC Changes.

Discharges for Existing Houses

Every person who is given a house must go to the Commercial Office located in the area of that property to make the corresponding request for services.

Discharges for Reconnection (more than 30 days of having caused sick leave)

This case is treated as a new service.


Withdrawals may occur at the request of the customer or ordered by the Commercial Office, for abandonment of the service or for failure to pay the bill.

The cancellations requested by the clients can be definitive or temporary and in all cases the final bill is collected, obtaining an estimated consumption between the date of the last reading and the date of the cancellation request.


Para el caso de los traslados o las permutas, el cliente debe presentarse en la Oficina Comercial para hacer la solicitud del servicio.


In the case of transfers or swaps, the client must go to the Commercial Office to request the service.

Nama Changing

They are carried out at the client's request and are presented with the last account paid and any of the documents mentioned in the section Electricity supply request.

Changes of CEE

The change of CEE by increase or decrease of capacity can be requested by the client or by order of the inspectors.

The causes that originate change of CEE ordered by the inspectors are:

  • Defective CEE
  • Inadequate CEE
  • Burnt or broken CEE

For further information you can consult the document: UC-CC 0004 Altas, bajas, traslados, cambios de nombre y de CEE en el sector residencial.

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Temporary services are considered to be those whose contracting period is less than 90 days. Two types of contingent services are considered: Fixed Base and Variable Base.

Temporary services with a fixed base are applied in the private sector to all services contracted for a period of up to 90 days and must be charged in advance. This form of payment will be applied to private non-residential customers who pay their consumption in cash, e.g. churches, lodges and others.

The variable base will be applied to services contracted from the state sector for a period of more than 30 days, such as temporary facilities for construction activities of any organization, dance floors or other facilities that are frequently used for festive activities, kiosks or permanent points of sale and other state facilities in which although their use is occasional, the owner with whom there is an electrical service contract is defined.

The eventual services for the private residential must always be charged in advance. This form of payment will be applied to non-residential private customers who pay their consumption in cash, e.g. churches, self-employed workers, etc.

For more information you can consult the document: UC-CC 0007 Temporary Services.

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To make a request for electric power supply the customer must be submitted to the Commercial Office of the relevant locality no less than ten (10) calendar days prior to the need for service. Within this term, it is verified whether or not it complies with the technical conditions for the execution of the service.

The client must provide the following information:

1. Name and Surname of the applicant.

2. Identity card number.

3. Address of the property in question detailing:

  1. Street and Number, if it does not have a number, detail if the sidewalk is even or odd numbered.
  2. Name of the streets.
  3. Ground floor or top floor, passageway and apartment number or letter, as the case may be.

  4. In rural areas will be informed the name or road number and number of the kilometer and / or name of the farm where the property is located.
  5. Telephone.
  6. Number of people in the family nucleus.

4. Presentation of the suitable document that accredits that the applicant is in legal possession of the property. Any of the following documents are accepted:

  1. Deed of ownership or title of ownership of the dwelling.
  2. Free permanent usufruct certificate.
  3. Certificate of habitable issued by the relevant Directorate of Housing..
  4. Construction License for new homes with temporary facilities built, except for breakdowns or existing homes.
  5. Exchange resolution.
  6. Contract with the owner of the property granting the use usufruct to the applicant of the service.
  7. Authorization for the construction or occupation of a home issued by the competent agency in that area: ANAP, Poder Popular, Cooperativa and Hidroenergía.

5. Demand that the liquidation of the place of origin be presented in case of being discharged by transfer.

6. Magnitude of the load to be connected, detailing the number and capacity of lights and other electrical equipment to be used, as well as their operating voltage..

For further information you can consult the document: UC-CC 0001 Contracting services in the residential sector.

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