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Ordinary Savings Accounts
They are opened in national currency (CUP), freely convertible currency (CUC), US dollars (USD) and EURO. All natural persons, adults, Cubans or foreigners residing in the country, individually, indistinctly or jointly, and even representing minors of whom they are parents or guardians, as well as Entities and Civilly Qualified Persons, may have access to the minimum amount of 50.00 in the currency in which it has been opened.

Accounts for the future
In national currency (CUP) to workers of Payment Centers linked to the Branch, pensioners of the Social Security and beneficiaries of Other Payments, registered in the Branch, with a minimum of thirty pesos ($30.00), being able to vary the monthly payment after its opening appearing in the Branch. They accept deposits and these accounts have no limits of withdrawals, and they are not closed as long as the minimum amount is maintained in the account, which is 30.00 CUP.

Fixed Term Deposits
It is the deposit of a certain amount of money during a period agreed between the Bank and the client, with the commitment of the latter that until the expiry of that period will not increase or decrease the amount deposited, nor will withdraw the entire deposit. They are opened in National Currency, Freely Convertible Currency and U.S. Dollars; they constitute all natural persons, of legal age, Cuban or foreign residents or not in the country, individually or jointly, representing minors of whom they are parents or guardians or by voluntary representation through Power of Attorney or civilly incapacitated persons. Cuban and foreign natural persons not residing in the country, only in USD currency.
For deposits in national currency: $100.00 (One Hundred CUP), 200.00 in freely convertible currency or U.S. Dollars.
The terms in which they are opened are of three, six, twelve, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months and the interests are according to the terms and are only paid at the expiration of the agreed term, never in advance and capitalized at the request of the client.

Fixed Term Deposit with advance payment of interest It is a product that taking all the characteristics of traditional Fixed Term Deposits, makes the payment of interest more flexible by allowing the holders to collect them partially without having to wait for their maturity and start from a minimum of $400.00. Characteristic of these deposits is that interest may be collected before the maturity of the deposit, at the end of each year elapsed from the date of imposition or extension, on the same date or any later date and even those corresponding to several years and are opened only in National Currency.

Certificates of Deposit
All natural persons, of legal age, Cuban or foreign, permanent or temporary residents in the national territory, individually or jointly, representing minors of whom they are parents or guardians or by voluntary representation by means of a Power of Attorney.
They may also be opened to those persons incapacitated in the civil order who require this service due to the fact that they are beneficiaries of insurance policies, when by decision of the court or the Attorney General's Office, or through the approval of the Secretary of the BPA.
They are accepted for a minimum amount of 100 CUP and 500 USD or CUC for any amount including fractional currency, in the case of CUP and CUC.
Its balance is represented in National Currency (CUP), U.S. Dollars (USD) or Free Convertible Currency (CUC).
The tax periods are 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 and 60 months, not extendable at maturity.

Magnetic Cards
They are individual, personal and non-transferable, exclusively for electronic use and function as a savings account, so they earn the same interest as sight savings accounts, admissible only within the national territory.
Products associated with magnetic cards:
- MN savings accounts.
- Pensioner accounts.
- MN payroll accounts.
- Wholesale accounts MN.
- MLC savings accounts.
- Stimulus accounts MLC.
- MLC wholesale accounts.
- MLC Checking Accounts

They can be used to withdraw cash at ATMs, they are also used for cash withdrawals at TPVs located in Banks, cash withdrawals at the counters of any branch of the BPA and the payment of goods and services at TPvs located in the retail network.
In addition, through ATMs you can make payments of telephone bills, electricity and payments of the ONAT contribution.


Mobile Banking
It is a service for the management of your account through the use of cellular telephony devices.
To access this service, customers must have any type of mobile phone with a Cubacel line and a magnetic card associated with the different products offered at the bank in CUP (national currency). If you do not have a card, you can request one at the branch.
When requesting the service, the customer goes to the Branch of Banco Popular de Ahorro where his magnetic card account is associated and receives the Mobile Banking User Manual or downloads it from the BPA website, in which the necessary application updates will be published regularly.
Through cell phones, customers can make different payments, such as
- Transferring the balance to the Bank's own magnetic card and to other Banks. Crediting indistinctly the PAN (card number) or the beneficiary's standardized account number.
- Transfer of balances in ordinary savings accounts and formation of funds.
- Payment of electric, telephone and ONAT invoices.
Among other options, you can also consult your balance and the latest transactions, which are free of charge up to three times a day. All this information can be obtained in real time from your account and carry out operations without having to show up.

It is provided in Branches, Entities, TCP, CNA, PA and Natural Persons, BPA clients, who can count on a communication channel between the bank and the client, which allows a quick, improved and economic access to the information.
Natural persons register themselves through the site, enter the user name and password of their choice, click on Become a customer and fill in all the information requested by the system.
For the use of this system it is necessary that the client has Technical Conditions prior to the installation of the system, which are as follows
- Personal computer.
- Internet browser, preferably Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher or Mozilla Firefox.
- Connection to the public data transmission network with navigation access on the Cuban Intranet.
Operating system that meets these requirements (WINDOWS XP or higher
Through this service you can obtain account statements, transfer funds, consult the last ten movements and other options according to the client.

Money Transfers
It allows the client to receive the money sent by family or friends from abroad, guaranteeing security and speed. Our Refunding Banks are at your disposal so that the transfer can be made from any bank branch in the world.

Credits from the New Banking Policy for Natural Persons
They are granted:
- For the purchase of consumer goods.
- To finance the purchase of construction materials and/or for the payment of the labour service, as well as for the payment of the elaboration of an Architecture Plan or Project.
Requirements for access to credits
- Be at least 18 years old
- To reside permanently in Cuba.
- Be civilly capable.
- Have demonstrable, fixed and/or regular lawful income.
- Have honored and be seriously honoring, if contracted, other bank debts.
- Comply with the ability to pay, the guarantees and other requirements and conditions demanded by the Bank.

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Banco Popular de Ahorro (BPA) in Pinar del Rio exercises its functions through its Provincial Director Niurka Coste Rodríguez with headquarters at the Provincial Direction located at Comandante Pinares No 108 Esquina a Maceo in the provincial capital, with service hours from 8.00AM to 4.30PM. There is also a Customer Service Center that can be reached at the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is directly subordinated to the Central Office, directs and develops activities in the province through its 13 branches and 23 savings banks distributed in strategic places of the economy, with a public service schedule from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM, which with the rational and effective use of human capital, the strengthening and development of the same and the technological resources it has, guarantees to provide the customer with comprehensive and quality care in order to meet their needs.

You can access the Remote Banking service through the following link: Access BPA Remote Banking

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Financing to State Entities: Funds granted by the Bank by means of a contract to the client in a determined time, which can be used partially or totally. It is used for:

Working Capital: Includes the short-term resource needs of companies for the acquisition of raw materials, wages, materials, services, etc.

Investments: Covers medium and long term financing requirements derived from their needs for application and/or modernization of installed capacities.

Financing for self-employed workers (TCP) and other forms of Non-State Management: These are granted to finance the purchase of goods, inputs, equipment and for any other purpose that contributes to the proper functioning of the activity. Exceptionally, financing is granted for the purchase of motor vehicles; the request is submitted to the Central Office's Credit Committee. Financing can be used in its different modalities and classifications.

Granting of Credits to Non-Agricultural Cooperatives: These are granted in Cuban pesos (CUP) and are subject to credit for Non-Agricultural Cooperatives in formation and constituted Non-Agricultural Cooperatives. The credits requested for initial working capital shall be made only once and shall cover the financing needs to ensure that the Cooperative is able to consolidate in its initial stage, being able to cover with these, needs associated with the purchase of means of rotation, raw materials and others. NACs requiring bank loans may access them at differentiated rates for the first two years, provided that the risk analysis is satisfactory and their granting is approved by the Credit Committee.

Leasing: Financing that is formalized in a lease contract between the owner of the good and the Bank, which is going to use it in an agreed term, through the payment of a certain installment. At the end of this period, the client acquires the property.

Other Corporate Services:

  • Factoring: Set of services supported by the transfer to the bank of the documented collection rights held by the cedents over third parties. It may include the following services: collection management, financial advice for the administration of the client portfolio and financing.
  • Local letter of credit: Payment instrument by means of which the buyer's and seller's banks carry out collection and payment actions, respectively; subject to agreement between the seller and the buyer by means of a contract on its use and the presentation of the documents agreed for payment.
  • Domiciliation of payroll: Service through which salaries in CUP and CUC can be charged by magnetic card, minimizing risks to the entities in the transfer of cash, in addition giving clients the possibility of paying directly discounted debts.
  • Financial Counseling: The Bank provides clients with all types of counseling at no cost.
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