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  • 72-71 Havana, departure in alternating days at 9 a.m.
  • 176 Los Palacios, everyday departure at 5:45 p.m.
  • 169 Guane, everyday departure at 6:30 p.m.
  • Rail transport, Galafre, everyday departure at 9:20 a.m.

Train 179 Authorized Timetable - Pinar del Río - Guane


Place     ArrivalDeparture
Pinar del Río06:00 PM
Río Feo06:21 PM
06:23 PM
San Luis06:39 PM
06:44 PM
San Juan y Martínez07:01 PM
07:06 PM
Galafre07:29 PM
07:31 PM
Sábalo 07:54 PM
07:56 PM
Isabel Rubio08:22 PM
08:24 PM
Guane08:35 PM


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  • Transport of parcels and household appliances.
  • Motorcycles with or without sidecar without fuel.
  • Bicycles.
  • Move house.
  • Live animals accompanied by their owner.
  • Corpses.
  • Pick-ups and home deliveries.
  • Merchandise insurance.
  • Repairs of merchandise.
  • Redispatch or change of destination.
  • Official documents in value envelopes.

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  • Fulfil with what is established in these regulations and as many other provisions as may be applicable to them.
  • Pack the packages according to the established requirements.
  • Observe the order with the express agencies and stations.
  • Pay the amount resulting from the application of the storage rate.
  • Not obstruct without justification any of the common areas for the use and service of the clients in the agencies and railway stations with express service.
  • Do not dispatch as express packages the following:
    • Meat or other easily decomposed food products.
    • Toxic, flammable, explosive, radioactive, corrosive and chemical substances.
    • Objects that may damage or soil the express car and customers' belongings.

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