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The Compensation Fund is an official institution created by the Social Defense Code since April 4, 1936, and its mission is to make effective the Civil Responsibilities to Natural Persons.
Among its functions are:
- to receive and review copies of judgments on civil liability.
- To send requirements to the debtors in arears so that they present themselves to indefy their debit.
- Receive notifications of compensation to creditors, collect and issue a proof of payment.
- Deliver checks to compensate creditors which are issued by the Central Bank.
- Reconcile with penitentiaries for inmates who owe civil liability.
In our territory the Provincial Office for the management of collections and payments is located at the Provincial Direction of Justice, Calle Máximo Gómez # 23, Pinar del Río.
Obligations of Debtors
Without the need for prior requirements all debtors who know their responsibility must come to our office within 30 working days after firmness otherwise has a surcharge of 10% of the amount of debt according to Article 11 / La 1250/1954. In case of pensions do not have this surcharge is the fixed fee provided by the court.
Obligations of Creditors
Victims have 90 working days from the Notification made by the sanctioning court to claim compensation, otherwise they lose the right. If they renounce the collection or fail to request it within the established term, this does not mean that the sanctioned person is released from paying the amount of civil liability to the Compensation Fund.
In the case of payment by creditors, it will be made when the debtor settles his debt, discounting 20% of the debt set by the court, reflected in Article 7 of the aforementioned

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